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I actually just made a Toonblr
96 Laff. HAI

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I haven’t posted on here in forever, I got super obsessed with World of Warcraft and haven’t played toontown. But I heard the news ;-;

Valentine and Evangeline, I’ll miss you!

(maybe the older peeps here on tumblr who played this would like WoW actually, the world is huge and free to explore and your characters are totally customizable. You level up to collect abilities for your class and get rewards and experience from quests… it has some things in common with toontown in structure but a lot more complex and a generally older audience ((and no censored chat!)). Some of you might like to try it out.)

Sorry for your loss toontown fans :(

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Crane/goon part of CFO when summit was reset ;-;

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I rant on this blog way too much im sorry

i just

some players

I will try to stop now

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I think sometimes the people on toontown who claim they’re adults are really kids. So we’re in coin mint, and there’s this one cat named Rebound who’s your typical bossing, condescending player, with all of the”UGH”s and “WHY”s who’s rushing everyone to finish before the invasion ends. We miss it by like 20 seconds and she just starts ranting

"I NEEDED that invasion"

"You made me miss my invasion you children"

"You made me miss my invasion brats"

"I’m a parent, and I know you’re all children"

Either this is a kid pretending to be an adult to gain false respect or a very immature adult. Chill out :’) If it was an adult, her superiority complex was laughable.

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y e s

y e s

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When you’re 46 points away from your next lure gag and it keeps missing

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I think Toontown should have about a third of the amount of districts it has now. It would make the game more playable since most of the districts are empty

I think the larger servers should be merged so they can hold a bigger capacity, and then some districts should limit to about 10-15 toons or something maybe for the people who want to go to a quiet district for training etc

That’s just my thoughts

I like this idea

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